Quit It Now!

Awaken to a new you.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

  • Switch to a brand you find distasteful.
  • Change to a brand that’s low in tar and nicotine a couple of weeks before your target date. However, do not smoke more cigarettes or inhale them more or place your fingers over the holes in the filters.
  • Smoke only half of each cigarette.
  • Each day, postpone lighting your first cigarette 1 hour.
  • Decide you’ll smoke only during odd or even hours of the day.
  • Decide beforehand how many cigarettes you’ll smoke during the day. For each additional cigarette, give a dollar to your favorite charity.
  • Drink milk, which many people consider incompatible with smoking. End meals with something that won’t lead to a cigarette.
  • Smoke only those cigarettes you really want. Catch yourself before you light up out of pure habit.
  • Don’t empty your ashtrays. This will remind you of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked each day, and the sight and smell of stale butts will be unpleasant. Try collecting all your cigarette butts in one large glass container as a visual reminder.
  • Make yourself aware of each cigarette by using hand or putting cigarettes in an unfamiliar location or a different pocket or break the automatic reach.
  • Stop buying cigarettes by the carton.
  • Decide positively that you want to stop. Try to avoid negative thoughts about possible difficulties.
  • List all the reasons you want to stop. Every night before going to be, repeat one of the reasons 10 times.
  • Start a modest exercise program.
  • Drink more fluids
  • Avoid fatigue
  • Understand that withdrawal symptoms are temporary and are healthy signs that the body is repairing itself from its long exposure to nicotine. Within 24 hours of stopping, withdrawal symptoms may appear as the body begins its healing process.
  • Know that most relapses occur in the first week or two after stopping, when withdrawal symptoms are strongest and your body is still dependent on nicotine. Be aware that this will be your most difficult time. Use your willpower, family, friends, and tips to get you through it.
  • Bet a friend you can stop on your target date.
  • Put your tobacco money aside every day and forfeit it if you smoke. But if you do, just strengthen your resolve and try again.
  • Ask your spouse or a friend to stop with you.
  • Alcohol will ruin your willpower. Avoid it.
  • Keep your hands busy—doodle, knit, type a letter.
  • Find activities that make smoking difficult—gardening, exercise, washing the car.
  • Avoid places where smoking is permitted. Sit in the nonsmoking section in public places.
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