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Sports Mentality

sports mentality - quit it nowSports Mentality

In addition to training your body physically, how about training your mind? Hypnotherapy can help to train your mind & prepare you for success in the same way that practice trains your body to meet goals.

Dr. Rosenberg has been a frustrated athlete for his entire life. He always felt that he had more talent or ability than his actual performances would lead the watching public to believe. And while it’s now way too late for any headlines to be written about him, Dr. Rosenberg has seen hypnosis improve his rounds of golf. His games are now measured in strokes over par rather than number of balls lost.

How? Because his mental approach is so different. He relaxes. He follows his instincts and lets his body deliver the techniques and skills he possesses without worrying about it. The best part about training your mind with our Sports Mentality program is that you’ll experience the benefits not just in competition, but in all areas of your life!

To learn more about the Sports Mentality program, call Dr. Rosenberg at (215) 782-8414 today!

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