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How To Beat The Sunday Scaries

August 2017

An expert guide to preventing and getting over the unbearable dread of Monday(read more)


Slacking off at work? Summer might impact your office productivity, studies show

July 2017

Whether employees are returning to their routines after a relaxing vacation or daydreaming about an upcoming getaway, summertime warmth and sunshine may impact productivity in the office. (read more)


9 Things You Should Never Do While You Feel Anxiety

July 2017

Anxiety can feel frustrating and debilitating, and when you’re feeling anxious, it’s hard not to feel like you would do anything to make it go away. However, there are a few things you should never do when you feel anxiety, not only because they could be destructive or unhealthy, but because they could end up making your anxiety worse. It’s difficult to experience anxiety and feel like you can’t control what’s happening to your mind and body, but knowing what to avoid in those moments can help take the proper steps to feeling better both short-term and long-term. (read more)


Slacking off at work? Summer might impact your office productivity, studies show

July 2017

Whether employees are returning to their routines after a relaxing vacation or daydreaming about an upcoming getaway, summertime warmth and sunshine may impact productivity in the office. (read more)


Modern dads

June 2017

Psychologist Dr. Steven Rosenberg featured in the Fathers’ Day edition of the Intelligencer: “Meet four fathers who have become positive role models to their families and communities.” (read more)


Beating paranoia in the age terrorism and the 24-hour news cycle

June 2017

Psychologist Dr. Steven Rosenberg talks about the effects of “terrorphobia.” (read more)


Alcohol In Moderation Can Be Good For You

March 2017

Alcohol can actually be good for you in moderation. Studies conducted in both Norway and Sweden showed that alcohol can be healthy. Dr. Imre Janszky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said that drinking a little alcohol every day can be part of a healthy lifestyle. … (read more)

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Dr. Rosenberg’s 7 Dark Insights Into Gambling Addiction

February 2017

What do insurance fraud, meditation and a tendency to show off have in common? The answer is they all form part of the messy web that is gambling addiction. To get the full story on what real-life gambling problems can actually do to a person’s life, we spoke with Dr. Steven Rosenberg. … (read more)


Super Bowl Pools Can be Hazardous to Your Health

February 2017

Super Bowl pools can be very hazardous to your health and wellbeing. At Super Bowl parties, people high-five, dip into food bowls, and cough and sneeze all over everything. This can spread the flu and other contagious illnesses. But this is just one type of hazard. From a gambling perspective, people who participate in pools often get angry at each other for winning. There are a lot of friendships that unravel as a result of gambling in these pools. Also, a lot of individuals will bet even though they can’t afford to do so. … (read more)


How to Cope with a Stressful Election

November 2016

It’s no secret that voters are extremely stressed out about the upcoming elections. They’re stressed out about the choices of candidates, the negativity and the divisiveness, not only in the presidential campaign but in the congressional and other local campaigns. And they’re stressed over piles of campaign mail they are barraged with every day. … (read more)

Philadelphia Agenda: Back To School

September 2016

Psychotherapist Dr. Steven Rosenberg and retired teacher and hypnotherapist Cindy Reese, talk about how parents can prepare their children to get ready to go back to school after the summer vacation…… … (read more)

Invasion of the Poké-Persuasion: Pokémon Go Users ‘Play’ Near Jewish Landmarks

July 2016

Steven Rosenberg, a psycho-therapist in Jenkintown, also sees the positive effects of the game getting people out and about.

“There are a lot of benefits to Pokémon Go with respect to the psychological aspects of it. One of best things is the fact that it gets people outdoors because they’re looking for the Pokémon,” he chuckled.(read more)

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Call a Cigarette a Cigarette

May 2016

Let’s call a cigarette a cigarette. I applaud the Food and Drug Administration’s recent ruling to ban e-cigarette sales to minors and require safety reviews for vaping products (“Thank you for not vaping?” May 17). Like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain nicotine, an extremely addictive substance. And e-cigarette products have been found to contain harmful chemicals than can cause respiratory disease. … (read more).

Doctor Goes to the Head of the Class

October 1986

On the Philadelphia Flyers, general manager Bob Clarke is boss and Steven Rosenberg is the “head man” and that may explain why Howe, Poulin, McCrimmon & Co. didn’t collapse last November after Pelle Lindbergh died. Dr. Rosenberg, the “head man” (as in shrink), is a Philadelphia clinical psychologist who may not deserve to have his name inscribed on the Stanley Cup but certainly has been a fascinating behind-the scenes man in the Flyers’ quest for the mug. How much does Dr. Rosenberg mean to the Flyers? … (read more).

Special Report: Finding the Key to Happiness

February 2016

Some psychologists say there is a growing trend of Americans feeling stressed out and not content with their lives. Behavioral therapist Steven Rosenberg says lately many people just aren’t happy. For some, it’s tragic world events like shootings and terrorism. For others, it’s constant workload, money or relationship problems. “They look at things and they say, ‘I’m not satisfied with where I am today,'” Rosenberg said…(read more).

WMMR Hosts Hypnotism Session for Smokers

December 2015

Can hypnotism help people stop smoking? A group of volunteer smokers recently met in an office in Bala Cynwyd hoping to find the answer. The 15 or 16, mostly men with a few women mixed in, agreed to undergo a hypnotism session at the radio studios of WMMR in Bala Cynwyd during the station’s morning Preston and Steve Show with guest Dr. Steven Rosenberg…(read more).

Why ‘Working Girl’ Won’t Work for Today’s Working Woman

August 2013

Philadelphia-area psycho­thera­pist and hypnotherapist Dr. Steven Rosenberg assesses that the more things change, the more things remain the same regardless of whether a woman is married or single. The primary trigger originates from the ongoing struggle to find respect and parity in a man’s world, he says…(read more).

Moving Forward

August 2012

“What I do is erase that bad habit,” he says. “I go through exercises that teach people how to get rid of the physical addiction through exercise, meditation, drinking fluids to clean the body and lessen the urge.” Dr. Rosenberg has also had great success in helping people stop smoking with a technique called aversiotherapy, a psychological treatment where a person is put into a state of altered consciousness and given subconscious triggers, such as thoughts or phrases, that help them quit…(read more).

Returning to Form

March 2012

In 1978, as his father lay dying of emphysema brought on by decades of cigarette smoking, Steven Rosenberg leaned in close and whispered a promise. “I vowed to him that I would stop smoking,” Rosenberg recalls. “I was a three-packs-a-day smoker, Parliament filtered, and I could see what was going to happen to me if I didn’t stop”…(read more).

Kick the Jitters: Get Your Golf Game Up to Par Using Hypnotherapy

May 2011

“Visualization is the key to performing well and enjoying what you are doing,” says Rosenberg. “It is your mental rehearsal,” he adds. When visualizing the perfect swing, your muscles and nerves contract and react even though your body remains still. Then, when it’s time for the real swing your muscles are trained and ready to perform…(read more).

Mind Over Body: Improve Your Game and Conquer Pain

September 2011

A breathing technique encouraged by Rosenberg can be used prior to a big game or any everyday challenge. Take a deep breath through the nostrils and fill the lungs with air to capacity. Exhale through the mouth while slowly counting backwards from five to one. Repeat three times…(read more).

Winner – Best of Philly 2010 for Bad-Habit Eraser

August 2010

If you haven’t had success losing weight, kicking the cancer sticks or getting over your fear of flying, it may be time to try psychotherapist Rosenberg, who will hypnotize you on your first visit and send you home with a CD recording of your session that speaks to your subconscious, upping your willpower while you snooze…(read more).

Author Interview

July 2010

I Hope the Hell I Win: Turning Hope Into Reality…How Winners Win! – A self-help book that shows anyone how to improve their lives using the techniques I developed working with pro-athletes. As the team psychotherapist of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club, I developed some very unique tools that anyone can use…(read more).

You Say You Want a Resolution…

January 2010

“Resolutions have to be realistic,” says quititnow.com’s Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., an Elkins Park, PA-based behavior therapist who helps people stop smoking, lose weight, and perform better in sports. You can’t drop 50 pounds overnight, but shedding a pound a week for a year is reasonable…(read more).

2009 Outlook…It’s a Morale Matter!

May 2009

“When you get off a World Series win, for a championship team there’s a sophomore jinx — can you do it again next year?” he says. Another thing champs have to deal with is their increased popularity. “There are many players who enjoy the limelight, but it’s very distracting,” Rosenberg says.”There’s a lot of offers for national magazines that want to put you on the cover”…(read more).

Spring-Clean Your…Face

March 2009

Steven Rosenberg, a psychotherapist and hypnotist (his clients include the Flyers), will lull you into a hypnotic state and instruct those wrinkle-prone areas — namely, your forehead and crow’s feet — to relax the tense underlying muscles that are aging you daily. Twenty-one days later — you leave with your own at-home regimen — your face will look fresher…(read more).

My Place or Yours

January 2009

“No one can deny there are the economic stressors we all face, but there are others as well,” he continues. “For instance, it’s hard to look at a future in a positive way when you feel your life is falling apart. “But this is not the time to get angry and feel sorry for yourself. It’s time to talk to people – like a therapist or your rabbi – think positive, and so have a chance of getting out of this predicament in a better, more productive way”…(read more).

PhillyFit Feature

January 2009

Philadelphia based psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Steven Rosenberg, has built his career by helping people take control of the out-of-control aspects of their lives, most often aiding people in their desire to quit smoking. “Hypnotherapy has been so successful in helping people quit smoking because it targets the core of the addiction; the subconscious. By getting to the subconscious mind, which is strongest tool at our disposal, you really enable yourself to control the addiction and eradicate the habit from your life”…(read more).

10 Tips to Survive the Holidays

December 2008

Exercise your right to put your household first. Most holiday stress comes from trying to fulfill obligations to others. You have the right to put the health and comfort of yourself, your spouse and your children first, and not accept added responsibilities…(read more).

Hypnosis Helps Some Lose Weight While Sleeping

November 2008

Dr. Steven Rosenberg is a behavioral therapist who says he’s helped thousands of people lose weight with hypnosis. It’s first done in his office. Then he customizes and records tapes for patients to take home, reminding them of their special issues and goals. “As you go to sleep, you are actually getting in touch with the subconscious mind,” said Dr. Rosenberg…(read more).

Weight Loss Hypnosis: Lose Weight While Sleeping

November 2008

Dr. Steven Rosenberg is a behavioral therapist who said he’s helped thousands of people lose weight with hypnosis. “As you go to sleep you are actually getting in touch with the subconscious mind,” Rosenberg explains. He says once thoughts are in the subconscious, people have more willpower and are better able to stick to a diet…(read more).

Pheromones: Bending the laws of attraction

July 2008

“There is no doubt that smells are sexual and can attract!” says Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., a teacher, psychotherapist and hypnotist. “Over the years I have been giving advice to couples on how to improve their sex life. On ething in common with most people is the smell of their significant other. This smell gives us an associative memory of being romantic”…(read more).

In some families, is criminal enterprise the tie that binds?

October 2007

A few weeks earlier, down the Shore, a grandfather was busted for using his granddaughter to snatch a purse. Is this a trend? Grandparents using grandchildren for crime is a “growing trend throughout the country” by sociopathic grandparents, Elkins Park psychotherapist Dr. Steve Rosenberg tells me…(read more).

Mind Over Muscle

September 2007

“Physiologically, the brain doesn’t distinguish between imagined and real experiences,” says Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., team psychotherapist for the Philadelphia Flyers. Taking five minutes to visualize running seven miles with energy to spare, therefore, will reinforce the same neural patterns as actually doing so, giving you a mental leg up before you hit the road…(read more).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

December 2006

Dr. Steven Rosenberg can help. The Elkins Park-based hypnotherapist maintains that he can break any habit that you can’t. And no, he won’t have any wacky watches in your face. Through a series of sessions, Doc helps you achieve a heightened state of awareness and the ability to confront your subconscious…(read more).

Mind Matters

October 2006

The best part of my job is the satisfaction of helping people and saving lives. I have over 40,000 people who have quit smoking with me over the past twenty years. Also, getting people to change their lives for the better is so rewarding. I love going into work every day. There is always something new and exciting to deal with each day…(read more).

Top Five Holiday Stress Busters

October 2006

“Sleep is a personal thing. Some people require more than others,” says Dr. Stephen Rosenberg, a Philadelphia-based psychotherapist. Look back over your life history to see what your sleep pattern is, suggests Rosenberg, and stick to what makes you feel best — six to eight hours nightly keeps most adults refreshed and alert…(read more).

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