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Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool used to induce a state of complex relaxation, both mental and physical. Recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958, hypnosis provides a means for individuals to relax and tap into their subconscious minds where they can remove negative thought patterns and replace them with positive, productive ones.

The amazing thing is that the subject is awake and fully aware during the entire process, making it impossible to take advantage of the client, despite them being in a state of relaxation and trance.  It is a method of changing thought patterns to support the positive changes a person wants to make in their lives. The great thing? Hypnosis can be applied to anyone wanting to change an aspect of their life.

Dr. Rosenberg in Philadelphia

Dr. Rosenberg Hypnosis PhiladelphiaDr. Steven Rosenberg and Quit It Now offers a variety of hypnotherapy and hypnosis programs in the Philadelphia area designed to improve our patients’ quality of life through custom-tailored programs specific to their goals. Quit It Now has helped tens of thousands of patients succeed with a wide variety of programs designed for weight loss, quitting smoking, relieving stress, addressing insomnia, and more!

Quit It Now is THE place to go for Philadelphia hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

Born in Philadelphia in 1947, Dr. Steven Rosenberg has been a psychology-minded person all his life, interested in the functions of the brain and enjoying books about hypnosis and mind control as a kid.  As an adult, he attended Temple University for his undergraduate studies and Southwest University for his doctorate studies.  Dr. Rosenberg has had a rich history of helping people throughout his life, and his post-schooling career as a teacher and hypnotherapist has helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking and lose weight due to his effective hypnosis Philadelphia programs.  He gets enjoyment out of knowing that he has helped, and is continuing to help, people address their undesirable behaviors.  In recent years, Dr. Rosenberg has developed an interest in sports psychology, becoming the first psychotherapist to be hired by a professional sports team.

He is known as the team psychotherapist of the Philadelphia Flyers, a consultant for the Perspective television series, and has helped many other professional and amateur athletes worldwide. He was the recipient of the Selah Award and was inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame. He was also voted Cambridge’s Man of the Year 1994 and was listed in Who’s Who in the East in 1993-94. He was named “Best Bad Habit Eraser” by Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2010 and has been featured on CBS Television. Dr. Rosenberg has authored 15/150 Secret to Simple DietingQuit It Now and Forever, and I Hope the Hell I Win! Turning Hope into Reality…How Winners Win!

Dr. Rosenberg has dedicated his life to helping others break their bad habits. He now works as a successful psychotherapist & hypnotherapist from his suburban Philadelphia office in Elkins Park, making a difference in the lives of his patients through behavioral therapy, one-on-one and group sessions, best-selling books, and audiotapes.

He has helped over 40,000 patients quit smoking!

Dr. Rosenberg formed Quit It Now to offer a variety of hypnotherapy programs custom-tailored to fit the needs of his patients. It is his ultimate goal to help as many people as he possibly can through his hypnosis programs, aiming to make permanent changes that improve their lives forever!  Through education, research, and experience, Dr. Rosenberg designs programs to help each individual find enjoyment and fulfillment in life through positive thinking. Combining meditation, nutrition and exercise, affirmations, and hypnosis, Dr. Rosenberg helps people realize their personal best.

It is our philosophy that anyone can achieve their desires through positive thinking. Discover how hypnosis & hypnotherapy can help to make your goals a reality. We can show you how to get there!


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