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Hypnosis Philadelphia - Dr. RosenbergAbout Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., was born in Philadelphia in 1947. He did his undergraduate work at Temple University before receiving his doctorate from Southwest University. Over the course of his subsequent career as a teacher and hypotherapist, he has helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking and lose weight through his effective hypnosis programs. Every November he conducts a mass smoke-out. He has been the team psychotherapist of the Philadelphia Flyers, a consultant for the Perspective television series, and helped many other professional and amateur athletes throughout the world. He was the recipient of the Selah Award and was inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame. He was also voted Cambridge’s Man of the Year 1994 and was listed in Who’s Who in the East in 1993-94. He was named “Best Bad Habit Eraser” by Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2010 and has been featured on CBS Television. Dr. Rosenberg has authored 15/150 Secret to Simple Dieting, Quit It Now and Forever, and I Hope the Hell I Win! Turning Hope Into Reality…How Winners Win!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Steven Rosenberg during his association with the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club. I have worked with Steve on relaxation, visualization, mind clearing, and other mind conditioning technics. I would like to thank Steve for helping me achieve my maximum potential as a professional athlete.

– Mark Howe, Former Philadelphia Flyer

– Mark Howe, Former Philadelphia Flyer

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